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The endurance event finished after 266 hours, 2 more than Randy Gardner’s 1964 record, was it the right record?

sleepless in penzance

(Update May 08) The real reason that Tony stayed awake was nothing to do with breaking a record!

It was to begin publicising the results of a 15-year research project that has culminated in the publication of an amended theory regarding the development and function of the human brain.
The central tenet being that humanity has suffered a progressive neurodegenerative condition resulting in damage to the subtle microstructure of the human brain. This has impacted negatively on our state of mind distorting our perception and rendering us psychologically dysfunctional.
The proposed ideas are challenging in the extreme and the implications staggering yet just one year on an increasing number of the normally conservative academic fraternity have begun offering their support.

book - left in the dark

Read a synopsisforewordof the theory now outlined in the book ‘Left in the Dark’ or visit leftinthedark.org.uk to find out more.

Stop press - Tony made it - for more details

Tony would like to express his thanks for the support he has been shown from across the world.

At 6.00 am on May 14 2007 Tony Wright began his quest to break the 43 year old world sleep deprivation record. The event took place at The Studio Bar, a new live music venue in Penzance, Cornwall. The previous record of 264 hours (11 days) was set by 17 year old Randy Gardner in 1964 as part of a student science project in San Diego.

Tony's record attempt forms part of his research into human sleep. He has proposed that each side of the human brain requires a different amount of sleep and that, with appropriate preparation, it is possible to stay awake and remain functional for long periods. While it may seem counterintuitive or irrational, going without sleep to access more refined and functional consciousness states has been part of the mystic tradition for millennia. Tony is hoping that the record attempt will shed light on this and other enigmas of the human mind.

Part of his preparation has involved eating what he describes as a primate like diet - one similar to that of our rain forest dwelling ancestors. His research implies that the biochemistry once abundant in our evolutionary past was essential for our brain to develop its full potential.

People were most welcome to participate, and helped him while away the hours by playing pool and chatting with Tony, or just dropping in to check whether he was still awake and sign the witness log.

The Studio Bar is open between 9.00am and 1.30am; the bar is licensed between 11.00am and 1.00am, and light refreshments will be available between licence hours.

Contact: info@kaleidos.org.uk

What others are saying . . .
Just in case you are thinking that this all seems a bit off the wall here are a few comments from scientists interested in Tony’s sleep experiments.

BBC Radio Cornwall covered the event from when it commenced at 6am on Monday 14th May with regular updates throughout the 11 days plus period. Interview with Tony and comments by leading UK sleep researcher Jim Horne

Read Tony's Sleep Deprivation Diary on BBC Radio Cornwall

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Left in the Dark

Recent interview/book review on
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Read a synopsis by Adam Living foreword

Read the foreword by Dennis McKenna foreword

Lelt in the Dark

In addition to his interest in sleep, Tony has developed a radical new theory to explain some of the other mysteries of the human mind. He claims that all humans have tremendous latent potential waiting to be unlocked. Our health, immune systems and most importantly our sense of well being could all be dramatically improved. This research is fully explained in a new book, ‘Left in the Dark’ now available from lulu.com. You can have your copy signed if you bring it along to the Studio Bar during the sleep deprivation record attempt.

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Further information
Cornwall Consciousness Centre As part of the ongoing research behind the sleep record, proposals are being developed in partnership with SC2 sustainability consultants to establish a world class consciousness research facility in West Cornwall.

Discussions with a number of organisations and scientists are ongoing. The Eden Project, The Restorative Health Company Ltd, Transition Penwith, Lawrence Bloom and Dr Robin Rodd are amongst those who have offered their support.

Sustainability, Consciousness and Climate Change has been published to coincide with the publication of Left In The Dark – it details the direct relationship between the functioning of human consciousness, the crisis of human sustainability and climate change. It is a starting point, both for debate, but more particularly for action, and it is far from an end in itself. More info ...

VITALITY MATTERS - Cornwall's only health and vitality magazine
Read the article online in which Tony discusses the potential benefits of sleep deprivation to our health and wellbeing, and learn more about the deeper reasons Tony is interested in sleep deprivation.

Transition Penwith
Transition Penwith's consciousness and sustainability focus group held its inaugural meeting at the Studio Bar at 6pm on Saturday 19th May. The meeting was chaired by sustainability consultant Steve Charter and consciousness researcher Tony Wright (who was still fully awake!)

The theory Tony has developed over the past fifteen years proposes that by simultaneously combining specific techniques it is possible to activate dormant capability in the brain. For further information and an overview of the theory behind this experiment visit his website.